“Everything we do, we do with passion – and we do it for life.”
(Stefan Dräger, Executive Board Chairman)

As an international leader in medical and safety technology, Dräger develops innovative equipment and solutions people the world over trust. No matter where Dräger products are used: it’s always about life. Whether for use in clinical, industrial or mining applications, in firefighting or rescue services, Dräger products protect, support and save lives. 

“Technology for Life” means more than merely guaranteeing technical excellence. It means assuming responsibility for the lives of those who use our products and depend on them. Technology for Life is both our guiding principle and the central challenge that we draw on for inspiration and motivation. Not technology for technology’s sake. Not technology in a vacuum. Technology for Life. And we’ve developed our corporate culture and core strengths accordingly: customer intimacy, employees, innovation and quality.

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Life support for newborn babies

Dr. Sadi Konuk Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey
The Dr. Sadi Konuk Hospital has reduced the mortality rate in the neonatal intensive care unit to 4.6 percent - lower than the applicable threshold value in Turkey. A critical part of this success was contributed by the team of Dr. Özgül Salihoglu, senior physician in neonatology, and their care and therapy concept based on the Resuscitaire Radiant Warmer by Dräger. Babies are placed on artificial respiration directly in the delivery room with these medical devices, the oxygen content in the breathing air is regulated with precise metering and the integrated stopwatch is used to assess the APGAR (Appearance, Pulse, Grimace (reflexes), Activity (muscle tone), Respiration) score. 


Rescue ready

Yanzhou, Shandong, China 
Their objective is to be prepared for the worst. Workers of the Yanzhou coalmine are readying themselves for a rescue exercise. Each member of the rescue team relies on the legendary Dräger PSS BG 4 closed-circuit breathing apparatus for up to four hours of air in the event of a mine accident. Four hours that can make a world of difference – to team members and those they save.


Ideal ventilation – even when airborne

Lee County, Florida, U.S.A. 
Providing rescue services in Lee County, Florida, is not always easy. But MEDSTAR, the helicopter transport service of Lee County Emergency Medical Services, is up to the job, The county's inhabitants can rely on the service's aircraft and highly-trained crews to provide emergency care and transport services around the clock. The Dräger Oxylog 3000 emergency transport ventilation system is always on board, for dependable life support when airborne.


Always a step ahead

Brampton, Ontario, Canada 
The William Osler Health Centre, one of the largest healthcare providers in Ontario, opened the Brampton Civic Hospital in the Greater Toronto Area in 2007. With 650 beds and over 700 physicians, it is Canada's largest medical infrastructure project. Dräger monitoring and IT ensure the steady flow of data, while Dräger anaesthesia solutions and incubators boost the quality of treatment in the facility's operating rooms and obstetrics wards.


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